Kevlar Brake Pads

Kevlar Brake Pads

Kevlar brake pads are designed for high performance riding experience. Because of the high tensile strength-to-weight ratio, kevlar brake pads provide exceptional stopping power with great durability under all riding condition. High temperature stability up to 260C / 500F

Sintered HH Brake Pads

Sintered HH Brake Pads

Sintered HH brake pads have the highest coefficient of friction and are ideal for high performance motorcycle race track purposes. Sintered HH brake pads also deliver exceptional braking performance for all dirt bikes and ATVs under the most extreme conditions.

Brake Rotors

Brake Rotors

  • Made with Stainless Steel for increased memory retention during heat cycles
  • Each disc is laser cut for precision and to eliminate the stress most other discs occur during stamped manufacturing.
  • Full floating rotors self align to provide maximum contact area and cooler running temperatures
  • Wide slots help push out hot gases and debris
  • Dimpled rotors resist cracking slots and dimples help promote even pad wear
  • Offer a slotted and dimpled design for intense braking situations.
  • Available for Street Bikes, Sportbikes, Dirt Bikes and ATV

  • 520 O-Ring Chains

    O-Ring Chains

    O-Ring chains are designed for high performance & safety riding experience. Sealed O-Ring chains are made with superior alloy steel. Adopted with heat-treatment to provide maximum performance with the tensile strength of 8500 LBS for 520 O-Ring chain and 9850 LBS for 525 & 530 O-Ring chain. Additionally, heat-treated rivet pins are press fitted and double broached to maximize chain resistance for pin rotation and chain elongation. Volar sealed O-Ring chains feature 2.2mm heavy duty alloy steel roller plates for 520 O-Ring chains and 2.4mm heavy duty alloy steel rollar plate for 525 & 530 O-Ring chains, which dramatically reduce friction, compromise on quality and durability with at least 50% longer service life.

    Heavy Duty Chains

    Heavy Duty Chains

  • Quality engineered for strength and durability
  • Tensile Strength: 7,600 lbs
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Available in 420, 428, 520, 525 & 530 Pitch

  • Motorcycle Sprockets

    Motorcycle Sprockets

  • Heat treatment for added strength and wear resistance.
  • Zinc plated and have a baked on durable paint process for corrosion resistance.
  • Material: Carbon Steel C45
  • Available for Street Bikes, Sportbikes, Dirt Bikes and ATV.

  • Motorcycle Cables

    Motorcycle Cables

  • Keep your motorcycle working smoothly with a new cable
  • High quality cables meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Match OEM exactly for a perfect fit
  • Available for Street Bikes, Sportbikes, Dirt Bikes and ATV.

  • Motorcycle Bearings

    Bearings & Seals

  • Rubber sealed bearing will help your machine roll like new and give additional protection from water and dirt.
  • Each kit includes premium quality, precision high-speed bearings with low draw, double lip seals that improve grease retention while keeping out moisture and dirt.
  • Available for Street Bikes, Sportbikes, Dirt Bikes and ATV.

  • ATV Wheel Hubs

    Wheel Hubs

  • Heavy Duty wheel hubs designed for long life.
  • Match OEM exactly for a perfect fit
  • Material: Reinforced Aluminum
  • Available for ATV.

  • ATV Universal Joints

    Universal Joints

  • Heavy Duty U-Joints
  • Designed for smooth operations and long life
  • Direct O.E. replacement
  • Grease zerks on most Universal Joints
  • Available for ATV.

  • Motorcycle Oil Filters

    Motorcycle Oil Filters

  • Features a synthetic filter media
  • Designed for ultimate flow with less pressure drop while trap harmful contaminants
  • Available for Street Bikes, Sportbikes, Harley, Dirt Bikes and ATV.

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